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Friday, September 2nd, 2011

A game for iOS and Android phones made with Flex 4.5

Music by  Mister Electric Demon

Details and downloads : SwipeBlocks

SmoothImage, a smooth Image for Flex

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Something that could be very frustrating for a Flex developer is the Image component.

In AS3 you can simply smooth an image when resized, in Flex you can’t : this feature was not added to the component, so when the Image is resized it gets pixelated.

This is even more frustrating when you know that the component share the same low level class than the AS3 equivalent.

There’s a solution : extend the component to access the bitmap and activate smoothing while initialization (component init for Embeded images and loading end for loaded ones).

For my own needs, i have done the following “SmoothImage” component using this solution :


And voila, this is a present.

For your convenience i have built a SWC that you just have to put in your Flex project’s “libs” folder to get a new “SmoothImage” component.

It works exactly like “Image” … with smoothing.

SWC and source code are available on Google code.

ActionScript 3 reference guide for iPhone

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

This is a nice present that Mike Chambers has given to the Flex/ Flash/ Air devs that owns an iPhone.

A great application that brings the full ActionScript 3 reference on the Apple smartphone.

Simple and fast to use, this is a must have for all.

more infos and link to iTunes here.

Statuzer, yet another twitter air application

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Yes i know, there are plenty of twitter clients, but i didn’t resist to make a new one.

Because i have good reasons :

  1. At this time i love Twitter, kind of a passion, this service is great.
  2. i’d like to test Air development.
  3. didn’t found (not realy searched) a client that makes  “tweet-tweet” when receiving updates.
  4. i’d like to group my contacts and TweetDeck was to big on my screen.
  5. love to add some cool features (webcam upload,URLs preview).

And of course, i’d like to rule the world, Mouhahahah …

get it here : Statuzer