VLCi (VLC Interface)

A free Flash Interface for VLC HTTP remote

VLC Interface was primary made to control VLC on a computer standing as a Hi-Fi installation from any computer on the same network.


VLCi 500px


(right click to save file on your disk):




Copy the SWF and the HTML files in the “http” folder of your Videolan installation. eg: c:\Program Files\VideoLAN\http\

Once copied , if VLC is configured with its native HTTP interface, you just can start using your new Flash interface from the VLC HTTP remote host using your favorite web browser. eg: http://localhost:8080/vlcflash.html

You can also directly use the SWF file by executing it from everywhere on your disk, but without a copy in VLC installation the interface will not be shared with other computers on your network.

VLC playlist actualy must be organised as following to work : general folder > artists folder > albums folder > titles


better visual interface

full playlist

– debug

– new features



Filenames with upper case were not delivered by VLC HTTP interface on Linux, so filenames were renamed with lower case only.

Many Thanks to Greg who found the bug.